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So, me and pandancer were discussing Glee, and how awesome it… 
14th-Feb-2011 06:27 pm
So, me and pandancer were discussing Glee, and how awesome it would be if they did a Matchbox 20 or Counting Crows or Augustana theme episode, and how those would be the only theme episodes that I would be okay with at all. And over the past couple of episodes, since about Furt, I've been compiling a list of Counting Crows songs that I think would be good for each character. And I'm sharing them now, because as I tell you guys all the time, I am insane and should be censored at all times. But since I'm not:

Finn:Colorblind- I thought this was perfect for Finn when all the stuff was just happening with Santana and Rachel, but now that Quinn's been thrown into the mix, holy shit, it's kind of perfect. Especially if Quinn ends up going back to Sam (which I sort of hope really happens), this would be a great song for how he's confused as all hell and alone, watching everyone around him get their shit together while his is kind of breaking apart. But he still has to be the leader of the Glee club, so he's just holding everything together with his fingertips and pretending he's fine. Also, I think this song is perfect for Cory's voice, and as much as a love Cory (which is lots, cause he's adorkable), there aren't many songs that are good for his voice.

Quinn and Sam: Accidentally in Love- It is cliched as all hell and I kind of love it. Once everything with Finn (hopefully) gets sorted out, I think this would be perfect for them to sing together. Maybe Sam starts in and is all adorable like he usually is, and Quinn eventually joins in. I don't know, I just want them to be all adorable and in love and sing this song together.

Puck, Artie and Santana: Big Yellow Taxi- Because Puck and Artie could totally pull of the this-is-really-carefree-but-we're-talking-about-serious-shit-here vibe this song has, and Puck on the "Late last night" line would just be amazing. Don't even pretend it wouldn't. And Santana and maybe Brittany providing the female vocals. It could be kind of like the introduction to the theme thing, like "Only the Good Die Young" was.

Puck (and Rachel): Mr. Jones- Puck would also be the shit on this song, because he could pull of the right amount of hurt and playfulness that this song has, and maybe he could duet with Rachel, maybe about getting out of Ohio and making it big. And he could be all, "Oh, Berry's in to me." And then Rachel, could be all "I don't need a man right now, plus, you're with Lauren now." And he'd be all "Shit, you're right." And this one damn song just created a whole bunch of plot.

Kurt and Blaine: Hanging Around- Just a fun, upbeat song for Blaine and Kurt to sing together, because they need more songs to sing together, and maybe, walk around downtown or something. Just how it's okay for them to be friends and hang around. And also, I need to see Darren Criss sing this song.

Kurt and Karofsky: Round Here- Because isn't that first verse just perfect for Karofsky? And Kurt could join on the short little chorus and take the second verse, and maybe it's a little bit about them coming to understand the other just a little. And the third verse would be kind of perfect for them both, and this song is just kind of perfect. And we know Max Adler can sing, he was a big show choir kid in high school, and I think this would be awesome for both of them. Maybe on a rainy day, Kurt at Dalton and Karofsky at McKinley, both trying to just figure everything out. This would could take place on either side of Hanging Around, but I think I prefer it after, like Kurt's living in one place in this world with Dalton and Blaine, but he certainly hasn't forgotten that old world.

Group: A Long December- I want this as the final group number. I don't really care whose singing where, but I kind of want Mercedes on this one, because I couldn't find any songs that really fit her otherwise, but other than that, maybe Finn and Puck are the best candidates. But I think this would be an awesome, slow group finish to kind of an emotional episode, with clips of Karofsky and Kurt/Blaine throughout, Fade to Black and all.

And on that note, could I just take a second to talk about how awesome Max Adler is? BECAUSE HE'S REALLY FUCKING AWESOME. He's really just like a big teddy bear in life, or at least what I've seen of him is, and he's adorable, AND HIS STORY LINE THIS SEASON HAS BEEN AMAZING, AND HE HAS DONE A FUCKING AMAZING JOB WITH IT. WHENEVER HE AND CHRIS-CO ARE IN A SCENE TOGETHER, I'M ALWAYS LIKE "IS THERE A FUCKING EPIC AWARD WE CAN GIVE THESE TWO RIGHT NOW? BECAUSE THEY ARE GODDAMN AMAZING." It makes me happy that there are young actors like them out there.
16th-Feb-2011 10:29 am (UTC)
So basically, I have come to the conclusion that you should be part of the music production team for the show. Because this list right here? It fits crazy well and I adore it and jkdfgh holy crap. I never knew how much I NEEDED Puck and Artie singing Big Yellow Taxi until now.

Reasons? Well for one, we already know their voices sound amazing together. (See: One Love) Like you said, they can totally pull off the mellow-song-with-a-serious-message thing. And if for some ridiculous reason, the writers don't want it to be a duet with Artie (which would be a shame because I really do love Kevin's vocals), Puck could still rock it out. Seriously, I'm almost convinced that this song was made for him. He's got the perfect roughness to his voice for it and I can just see him standing there, strumming to his guitar and giving everyone a feel-good performance and expressing important message behind it at the same time. (And Adam Duritz was born into a Jewish family. I'm just sayin', Puck.)
Santana and Brittany doing the female vocals would only make it 10x better. Because I love me some Brittana, and Santana owned it at Sectionals when she performed Valerie and do I even need a reason for wanting Brittany to sing with her? It's HeMo. I mean really.

Also, I think this song is perfect for Cory's voice, and as much as a love Cory (which is lots, cause he's adorkable), there aren't many songs that are good for his voice.

^THIS. Cory is such a lovable dork and the show wouldn't be the same without Finn but imo, his songs are very hit-or-miss. It isn't that he can't sing, his voice is just suited for certain songs. (I will say, however, that I thought he did a great job on 'She's Not There' and 'Hello, I Love You'.)
That said, Colorblind would be perfect, fot both his voice and because the lyrics fit so well. Plus, the show could use a ballad or two with all of the upbeat stuff they have been doing lately.

I want this so bad now. Like, it wouldn't have struck me as a Karofsky song if you hadn't mentioned it, but it really is perfect. And Max and Chris singing together? Be still my heart, guh. I've heard people say that as a Kurt fan, I should hate Karofsky for all that he's done to him, and you know what? I do to an extent, but unpopular opinion time: I'm Team 'Karofsky Redemption'.

Max is a freakin' walking teddy bear with one amazing voice just waiting to be heard beautifully alongside of Chris' wonderful voice, and the way he portrays Dave is amazing and sad and all of the shy little smiles and the excitement he showed during the superbowl episode remind me that he's human too andand I DON'T EVEN KNOW. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE RIGHT NOW, I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO EVENTUALLY HUG THIS BOY AND HELP HIM STRAIGHTEN HIS CRAP OUT AND COME TO SOME SORT OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN HIM AND MY BB KURT, AND I WANT THIS SONG TO BE A PART OF THAT. SO BAD. AND I'M GOING TO TRY TO SHUT UP NOW AND STOP GOING OFF-TOPIC.

To sum up a ridiculously long comment: I want all of this on my TV screen, please and thank you, RM. Because heck yeah Hanging Around and group numbers and plot-developing duets and Sam and Quinn being adorable to one of my all-time favorite songs. And heck yeah run on sentences.
Sometimes I can't get over how lucky they got with this cast. They're all brilliant at what they do and get along with each other and despite the show's faults, you can hardly ever pin it on the actors. It's especially surprising when you think of how young they are and how new some of them are to the business.
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